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Many times in the rescue world dogs come into foster care who have had very little or no veterinary care their entire lives. Often times, they also lack socialization. They have either been owned by neglectful owners, come from puppy mills or have been strays on the street for an extended period of time.  Shelters don't always have the funds available to treat these medical conditions and these dogs can often be the ones to be deemed as "unadoptable" and destroyed. This is often when we get a call from a concerned shelter worker.  

When Bald Is Beautiful makes a decision to rescue a dog whose history is unknown to us we are "rolling the dice" that the dog will have no serious medical conditions. Other times, we take a dog knowing that he will require treatment, perhaps for a broken bone, or heart worms, or a skin infection. Any life threatening health conditions must be treated before we can find their forever homes.  

In other cases, once a dog has been with us in foster care for some time, we may sadly determine the dog cannot be placed into an adoptive home for some reason. This is when we ask for Donations to sponsor a dog - donations that are used specifically for the treatment and medical care of that particular dog.

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Did you know that Bald is Beautiful Rescue only adopts to homes that keep their dogs on year-round HW preventative? A great way to save money on your adopted dog, is to get their Heartgard Plus from 1-800-PetMeds!

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