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Do you have a dog you need to surrender to our rescue?

Dogs come into our rescue in a variety of ways, including when owners ask us to take responsibility for a dog they can no longer care for. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.  

Our rescue is a network of foster homes located on the east coast, and so your location will be important to determining whether or not we can assist you. If we cannot assist you due to location, we will recommend other organizations closer to you.

We encourage you to check in with us first, or you can go ahead and complete a surrender form.

How to contact us:
Please email baldisbeautifuldogrescue@gmail.com and include the following information:
  1. Basic info on your dog: name, breed, sex, age, weight.
  2. Your location (City and State)
  3. Health issues, if any.
  4. Behavioral issues, if any.
  5. A photograph is helpful.
What to expect: A volunteer will contact you to discuss the process. Once the choice is made to surrender the dog(s) to the rescue, Bald is Beautiful will take full responsibility for the dog's care and placement into a new home. Our dogs are fostered in private homes where they will be evaulated to help determine the best possible fit for their needs.

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