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Fostering and Volunteering

Bald is Beautiful consists of a network of foster homes and relies on foster and volunteer efforts to transport dogs into foster care. All foster parents must have a safe, fenced-in yard and be willing to drive at least four hours (2 hrs. each way) in order to transport a dog to their home . Our other requirements are the same as for adoption, including: minimum age of 25, no underground or electric fencing, no intact dogs in the home, and a demonstrated level of consistent veterinary care for all pets in the home.

Bald is Beautiful does not offer "foster to adopt" programs. If you wish to adopt a dog, please apply to adopt. If you wish to provide a temporary home to dogs in need, then fostering might be a great fit for you!

We are not accepting any volunteer or foster applications at this time.

"When I see one of my fosters going to a forever home, it brings back all the joy I felt when I adopted from BisB. It's wonderful to know that so much happiness can come from opening your heart and home to a dog in need." 
~KM, Pennsylvania 

Hello MOTO Our organization relies on the dedication of many volunteers and foster homes in our efforts to rehabilitate and rehome the dogs entrusted with our care. As a team, our focus is on offering positive, encouraging support to one another. We understand that each member serves this rescue as a volunteer and that each will be able to contribute varying levels of time and energy as they fit these efforts into the rest of their lives. Each of us brings something unique and valuable and all of us together combine into a powerful network that makes things happen!

As a rescue, we are always in need of drivers to help transport dogs, help with conducting home visits, fundraising, and screening applications. Our foster homes are vital to our organization and without you, we wouldn’t be able to rescue rehab and re-home the dogs that we do. Each of our dogs is fostered in a home with love and plenty of attention. Foster homes work on house training, manners, socialization, and whatever else a dog needs to prepare for a forever home. Fostering is hard work and can be frustrating and emotional, but the rewards definitely outweigh the hurdles.

"Our personal dogs make a big difference in the rehabilitation of the homeless pets that pass through our doors ...without them our jobs would be so much harder." ~TK, Virginia


arthur We will try our very best to send all foster homes a completely vetted dog. All Bald Is Beautiful dogs will have the following completed before going to a foster home and prior to adoption:


* neuter or spay
* heartworm tested / prevention provided to foster homes by Bald Is Beautiful
* basic vaccines (5 way)
* rabies                                                                                   
* worming if needed
* microchip
* dentals and hernia repairs if needed (to be done during sterilization if possible!)
* any other treatments necessary if recommended by a veterinarian
* martingale collar and id tags

As a non-profit organization, we are on a limited budget and therefore some things must be done or provided by our volunteers. Some of these may include:

* Food and treats
* Clothing and toys
* Crates and bedding
* Grooming appointments, nail trimming, ear cleaning, scent gland expression

As a foster home we ask that all of our foster homes provide the following:

* Provide quality care, love, and attention;
* Feed a high-quality kibble/home-cooked/raw diet;
* Administer medication as deemed necessary, including but not limited to heartworm medication;
* Keep the dog safe at all times, especially when outside. We prefer foster homes with fenced-in-yards.
* Keep the provided martingale and ID tags on the dog while outside and in yard;
* Transport the foster dog in a crate at all times;
* Provide house training, command training, and leash training if needed;
* Promote the dog, including updates/bios and new photos at least 2x per month for our website and Petfinder;
* Screen applications including references and personal interviews promptly and make recommendations regarding placements;
* Provide detailed documentation and records for all adopters.

Thinking about fostering?  Watch our video.

f i n n in ATLPlease consider our philosophy and expectations. BisB  foster  homes need to have a balance of  three  strong  qualities :

(1) Providing excellent care for the dog and evaluating the dog's needs in order to best identify the  qualities needed in a forever home; this requires experience in caring for dogs that sometimes need a little extra patience, and a willingness to work on basic skills such as house training, leash manners, socialization and building confidence. It's also important to get good pictures and videos of the dog to help generate interest.
(2) Representing BisB in a positive way through all interactions with other members and adopters; this requires good "customer service" skills and a willingness to collaborate, share and seek out help when you need it. Our foster homes do not operate in isolation, no matter where they're located geographically. We are a team and we try to keep things positive, supportive and encouraging.
(3) Maintaining accurate documentation and regular internal communication regarding a foster dog, including vet care and application screening notes; this requires a pretty basic level of computer savvy, including participating in online forums, accessing our website and forms, and sending/receiving/scanning documents.

And if you decide to get involved, complete an application.

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