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Bald is Beautiful is a national 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to assisting not only hairless breeds but, when possible, other small breeds in need. The rescue is staffed by dedicated volunteers who work in various capacities from fostering to fund raising - whatever is needed to provide a comfortable, safe environment for the dogs in our care.

NOTE: If you've just discovered the work of our rescue group, you may not realize we're still pretty young. Bald is Beautiful was started in September, 2010 and we are in our ninth year. We've placed over 800 dogs since we opened our doors... and we're really proud of the work we do.

One of the challenges we encounter, as word gets out about our amazing dogs, is that we often get busy with lots of applications. This is a good thing! However, growing this fast has given us new challenges to deal with. For example, in most cases, we have multiple requests for one dog. When this happens, we still want to find the best match for the dog, so we will screen all the applicants before making a decision. We will put a hold on new applications once we're confident a good match is in the group.

Of course, the best homes would know getting a dog is not a decision to rush into. On our end, we are careful to make a good match, but we want to help our dogs get into their forever homes as soon as they're ready. With more applications, this just takes a little longer. If you are interested in adopting, please be patient with us through this process, so we can make the best decision for the animal.

And one more thing, we do have lots of dogs... so when applying to adopt, take a look at them all and consider there may be more than one "right" dog in the mix for you. Spread the Love!  ♥ Thank you for your support.

"I can't speak highly enough of BisB as an organization. Crossing their path is one of the best things that's ever happened to us. We owe them a debt of gratitude.  You can get a feel for BisB on their website and Facebook page, and through their wonderful adoption videos on YouTube.  What you don't get there immediately is how protective and loving they are toward every little Crestie soul they've saved so far . . . and the numbers are adding up." (L&J, NY)

Our Adoption ProcessSPOT SPOT SPOT
Bald is Beautiful has an extensive adoption process, requiring an application, review of references, interview and home visit. If you are thinking about applying for one of our dogs, please review this information first to make sure you understand what’s involved.

Our Adoption Fees

Our fees* vary depending on the age of the dog. Please note: as 2016, we require electronic payment via our shopping website. We have also increased our fees slightly, by $10, for the first time since 2014. The adoption fees below reflect this increase.

  • Up to 12 months: $385

  • 1-7 years old: $335 

  • 8 years and older: $285   

*Consideration on any fee will be given if you are adopting a special needs dog that will require extensive medical care for the duration of its lifetime. 


Our Golden Opportunity Program was created to encourage senior citizens to adopt older dogs. If you are age 62 or older, and adopt a dog age 8 or older, you receive a $100 discount, bringing the adoption fee down to $185.

As always, we work with any adoptive family to make sure the dog you're interested in is a great fit for your home.  Thinking about adopting a senior dog?  This couple did... and read what they had to say about their special girl:

"BisB is amazing. They gave me the love of my life! The work they do for the hairless babies is phenomenal! Keep up the great work guys!" (~TM, PA) 

What is included with the adoption fee:

The adoption fees include all vetting costs for the dog, including overdue vaccinations, alterations and any other required care:

  • Up-to-date on shots and necessary pet meds.

  • Rabies vaccine in accordance with the law of the foster home’s state.

  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvo) vaccinations if they are due and unless it has been determined that titer is the preferable course of action due to the dog's age or health status.

  • Heart worm testing.  If a dog is found to be positive for heart worms the rescue will complete treatment for the condition.

  • Spay/neuter for any dogs that come into our rescue.  All dogs are altered before adoption unless a veterinarian recommends against it due to the age of the animal.

  • Dental care, if recommended by the Vet as necessary due to infection or other serious issues. This may include cleaning and, if necessary, extractions. Remember that the Chinese Crested breed often require routine dental work and if you adopt one, you will need to plan for this procedure as often as your vet recommends.

  • Blood work will be completed pre-surgery, or if deemed necessary by the Vet in accordance with other treatments.

  • Microchip will be inserted. After adoption, you will want to register your name and contact information.

No members of Bald Is Beautiful receive any monetary compensation for their time spent on travel, fostering or caring for the dogs in our rescue.  We are an all-volunteer organization and funds received are used to pay for the care and transportation of the rescue dogs only.

 "BisB is such a fabulous organization, ya'll are amazing. 
Pippa is so fortunate to have been rescued by BiB 
and I am even more fortunate to have her as my little girl now. 
Thank you for all you do for these little ones."  (CM, Louisiana) 

Adoption Guidelines and Requirements

Valentino #######

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. If you have not owned a dog prior to submitting an application, it is strongly recommended that you do your research, including spending time speaking with friends and family that do own dogs. A simple trip to an animal shelter will put you face-to-face with dozens of dogs surrendered by a family that did not understand the responsibilities of bringing a dog into their home.

Our goal at Bald is Beautiful is to do everything we can to make sure our dogs are matched with the right home. Applicants will be interviewed by the foster parent, who will answer all questions honestly and try to paint the most accurate picture of the dog. You’ll be asked some tough questions as well, and we ask you to answer them honestly. The better we understand your household, the better we’ll be able to determine if the dog you’re applying is right for you. 

When we deliver a dog to an adoptive home, we call it the dog’s “forever home,” because this is where we expect that dog to spend the rest of his life. We take that very seriously, and ask that any interested applicant meet the following criteria: 

  • All applicants must be at least 25 years old. We encourage senior citizens 65 and older to adopt older dogs.

  • All pets in your home must be altered. This includes cats as well as dogs.

  • Bald is Beautiful will not adopt dogs to homes with electronic or underground fences. In addition, we do not adopt to homes that use tie-outs to contain dogs, whether or not the owner is at home. If your yard does not have a fence, you must be willing to handle the dogs toileting and exercise needs with regular leash walks.

  • You must be willing to sign an adoption contract* which states, among other items:You must register your contact information with the microchip provider. If the dog is ever lost or stolen, you must contact Bald is Beautiful, which will use its resources to help you search for the animal. 

    • You agree to see a veterinarian at least once a year for a physical exam and promptly whenever the dog becomes ill or injured. You will provide all necessary veterinary care, including required vaccination and heartworm preventative for the duration of its life.
    • You will use positive training techniques only. If you enlist the services of a professional trainer, the trainer will use positive techniques as well. You must never physically punish the dog.
    • All of our dogs are intended to live inside with the family. You may not leave the dog tied up in your yard or unattended outside, whether you are at home or not. While acceptable to crate your dog, please use care and judgment when considering how much time your dog spends in the crate each day.
  • If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to fulfill these responsibilities and must surrender the dog, it must be returned to Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue.  Selling the dog, giving the dog away, gifting the dog to another family member or surrendering it to a shelter will not be acceptable and will be considered as a violation of the adoption contract. 

Bald Is Beautiful will deny any application which conflicts with the above guidelines, or if the application indicates the home would not be a good fit for the dog.  Prior to adoption, all applications go through the following process:

  • Check of veterinary references. We will ask your vet to confirm your current/recent pets receive the treatment we would expect our dogs to receive.

  • Check of personal references.  It's important that you provide us with references that know you well. If you have pets, please make sure you choose references who know you, your pets, and how you care for those pets. We do not accept family members as references.

  • Phone interview by foster parent(s).

  • Home visit.

  • When possible, meet-and-greet between families and dogs. We do not arrange meet-and-greet visits prior to having an approved application on file.

*If you wish to view an adoption contract, you can request one from the foster/volunteer who contacts you regarding your application 

Transportation Policy

*If you're considering a dog located outside driving range for you, please read this information before applying.*

The transportation of a dog from foster home to adoptive home is the financial responsibility of the adopter. Transport by personal vehicle is generally preferable. When necessary, and if the dog is suited, Bald is Beautiful will allow for a dog to be transported by ground or air transport. Any fees incurred through the use of a transport service will be paid by the adopter.

The foster home will assist in coordinating transport plans as needed. On occasion, Bald is Beautiful does transport groups of dogs to new homes and foster homes, and is able to assist with moving a dog towards an adoptive home. This is not always possible due to location and/or timing. Again, it is ultimately the responsibility of the adoptive home to handle transportation and this should be considered when applying for dogs a significant distance from your home.

Multiple Applications for the Same Dog

In some cases, we receive multiple qualified applications for one dog. When that happens, we will do a thorough review of each applicant and match the dog with the best fit.  Often an applicant is approved, but does not get the dog originally requested. This may happen because another applicant is simply a better match for this dog. When that happens, we will work with any interested applicant to find another suitable match.  In most cases, this application would be filed as "approved," if they are willing to wait until a good match comes along in the future.


tannerInterested in Adopting One of our Dogs?

We have a thorough application process, available online. After you apply, you will be contacted by a rescue volunteer. Please immediately inform your references that they will be contacted by Bald is Beautiful and give your permission for them to respond to our requests. This is particularly important for your vet, who will not answer our questions without your permission.

Please be aware that we are all volunteers with full time jobs and families who do rescue work in our spare time. The application process can take up to several weeks.

When you’re ready to apply, please click here to fill out an adoption form.  


"My husband and I adopted Lincoln (formerly Bonzai). We could not have asked for a more perfect companion! This rescue is dedicated to placing the right pet with the right family! Everyone we were in contact with was fabulous!! Thank you BIB for allows us to be a part of your family!!"  ~ SC, WVa




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