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Animal Success Stories


Every dog that comes to us and finds a forever home is a success story. But some of them make an especially deep impression on us.

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Ranger Bob

Ranger Bob is special in so many ways. In our hearts, he represents all the other Texas 10 dogs surrendered to us in June, 2011. The last to be adopted, Ranger had the most progress to make from that awful environment. It took him many months to learn to trust the loving touch of his caregivers and enjoy the company of people. He now lives with a mixed breed sister and is adjusting very well to his new environment. We look forward to continued update on his progress.


Annie came to us heart worm positive. Like so many dogs that are left outside, without monthly medicine, she caught this preventable disease.

When a dog is treated for this, they are injected with poison that kills the worms surrounding the heart. Following treatment, they must be kept still and calm, primarily crated for several weeks. Annie handled this like a champ, and beat the disease.

She now lives with her mom Linda in New York City, where she enjoys the city life with her crestie siblings. We love you, Annie, and wish you nothing but the best for your bright future!


Renee was part of the NC5, a group of dogs dumped overnight at animal control, probably by a breeder. She was in the worst shape of them all.

Renee came to us grossly underweight and refusing to eat. The light had gone out in her eyes.

But within just a few days, thanks to loving foster care, she bounced back and showed us what a happy, energetic, playful girl she is. We especially love her "happy dance," which you can see if you watch her videos.

Renee's transformation was remarkable, but she represents so many of the dogs that come into our care. Even though their need is not quite as visible, it's there.. and their transformations are just as miraculous.

It's amazing how far she's come! Check out her profile here for all the "AFTER" pictures... http://www.baldisbeautifuldogrescue.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=3328526

Renee's name is now Kenlyn and she lives in North Carolina with her crestie brother, Gunner, and a mom and dad who think she's amazing.


Sweet Oakley came to Bald is Beautiful as the sickest of the Arkansas 7. Removed from the home of a hoarder with over 100 dogs, Oakley was weak, underweight and severely malnourished. His blood tests were so bad, the vet initially thought Oakley had cancer.

In the loving foster care of Bald is Beautiful, Oakley was nursed back to health. He bounced back and showed himself to be a happy, playful boy who brought tremendous joy to us all.

During his time with us, Oakley inspired one of our most entertaining photo contests... the "bedhead" contest. He always made us smile. We could not be happier that Oakley has now been placed into his forever home, where he has a puff-sister to play with and lots and lots of love.


Bald is Beautiful doesn't just rescue Chinese Crested dogs. Often, we step in to help another small breed that needs us.

Nora came to us from a Tennessee shelter that thought she was a crestie because, well, she had no hair. Turned out she had probably lost her hair due to a severe flea infestation. Our best guesses classified Nora as a poodle-terrier mix. Whatever breed, she was a fantastic dog... fun, funny, loving... as close to perfect a personality can get!

It took Nora a little while to find her forever home. While she was with us, she took a couple trips to a local assisted living facility, where she made quite a splash every time. Faces lit up with smiles, and laps were cleared to welcome this special girl for a visit.

Nora now lives with a family that loves her tremendously. She brings them joy every day.

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